What is a Museum? Ann Davis, André Desvallées, François Mairesse (ed.)

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What is a Museum? von Ann Davis, André Desvallées, François Mairesse (ed.)

What is a Museum?  von Ann Davis, André Desvallées, François Mairesse (ed.)

This book addresses administrators and politicians, museum professionals and museologists likewise. It reflects the so-called ICOM "definition" of museum in a new light and gives an impression how visitors meet with museums.

Revised edition and English translation by Ann Davis and Lynn Maranda, and Suzanne Nash

© Verlag Dr. C. Müller-Straten München and the International Committee for Museology of the International Council of Museums, 2010

  • Autor  diverse
  • Herausgeber  Dr. Christian Müller-Straten & International Committee for Museology of the International Council of Museums
  • Verlag Dr. Christian Müller-Straten, München www.museumaktuell.de
  • ISBN  978-3-932704-81-9
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Michel Van Praët - The Paradox of the Seagull - 

Ann Davis

François Mairesse, André Desvallées and Ann Davis - Redefining Museum, 

Part I: Defining Museum

  • François Mairesse - The Term Museum
  • Gary Edson - Defining Museum
  • André Gob - A Museum Dialogue
  • Lynn Maranda - On “Museum”
  • Marc Maure - The Museum: Expressing Identity
  • Tereza M. Scheiner - Defining Museum and Museology: an Ongoing Process
  • Tomislav Šola - The Museum Definition: Questioning the Scope and Motives

Part II: Does the Calgary Declaration Redefine Museum?

  • Bernard Deloche - Definition of Museum
  • André Desvallées - About the Definition of Museum
  • Jennifer Harris - The Definition of Museum
  • Ivo Maroevic - Towards the New Definition of Museum
  • Olga Nazor - Reflections on the Notion “Museum”
  • Andrés Sansoni - Thoughts About an “Aletheia” of Museum
  • Martin R. Schärer - What is a Museum?
  • Marc Maure - How do visitors see the museum? A picture collection